About HopeWorks

Our Passion

Founded by Steve Smith in 2001, HopeWorks Counseling has provided professional counseling to thousands in North Texas. Our counselors integrate psychological wisdom with biblical truths to help clients achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle. We are passionate about helping individuals (children and adults), couples, and families overcome their challenges and make positive changes toward a brighter future.

You can expect our utmost care and respect in our counseling offices. We seek to provide a safe, judgment-free environment for you to share your struggles and receive the tools and guidance needed to move forward in life. It is our great joy and privilege to come alongside you to help you heal, grow, and find hope.   

Hope for the Heart

A Ministry of Hope

HopeWorks is the counseling division of Hope for the Heart – a worldwide counseling, coaching, and caregiving ministry also located at The Hope Center in Plano, TX. Our unique partnership allows us to impact people around the world through the biblical resources, training programs, and outreach initiatives of Hope for the Heart. We are grateful to partner with Hope for the Heart to encourage and equip people with biblical hope and practical help – in North Texas and beyond.